New Years Resolutions 2018... NO!

Happy New Year!

It's at this time of year many athletes or people looking to lose weight, get fitter and healthier start their new years resolutions... why!?

My view has always been the same, and will not change... I don't believe in new years resolutions. Why? Simple... if you have real goals and aspirations that are meaningful for you then you don't wait for a specific day to start as they are worked on every day of your training. The consistent approach of getting up every day, every week, every month, every year and working tirelessly, and diligently towards those goals are what you need to succeed. This will, and will always be, the most effective approach to realising your goals and reaching those personal bests, great race results, losing weight, looking good and feeling good or whatever your personal goal is.

Remember... consistent consistency of a good all round training program that slowly works on developing endurance, strength, power and speed (or whatever your goal is) and improving your weaknesses / limiters is the NUMBER ONE WAY to get stronger, faster, leaner and improve your performance. This trumps any high intensity, smash-fest, tabata this, or drill yourself into the ground type session that promises to 'smash through your PB'... or, melt away fat'... or, 'burns more calories than anything you have done before'... or, '20min abs', or 'get huge on 10min a day'... or... you get my drift.

All of my personal clients that I am coaching in triathlon, cycling and running have this instilled into them from the very beginning... to be as consistent in their training regardless of time available and to keep this consistency going as best they can every single week of the year. Sure there are times when they cannot train due to family, work or holiday commitments, but they then get back to the grind of waking up early, getting some training in with a purpose in mind, and then going to work (or coming back from work and getting the session in before settling in for the evening). It's this get up and go attitude that makes the athlete break PB's and see their performance slowly... and I mean SLOWLY improve.

So, if you are looking to get fit or smash records in a few weeks then forget it. This is a sure fire way of injuring yourself or putting such huge expectations on yourself that is sure to set you up for failure (although I have seen huge improvements in a few weeks... but it is quite rare).

Keep training simple... don't worry so much about not getting enough training, volume or time in... just get out the door and start. It's amazing how simple just literally getting out of the door makes you feel invigorated, especially when the temperature is -5C as it was this morning! Then get 15, 30, 45, 60min or whatever time you have available, complete the session within yourself and then wake up the next morning and repeat. Once you have repeated this many times and got into a training groove, then, and only then should you start thinking about specificity, intensity, heart rate, power, speed, pace etc...

Have fun out there!

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