KOM On Buttermilk Train Richmond, VA… finally!

The trails are very technical (for me at least) around the 'Northbank', 'Buttermilk', 'Forest Hills' and 'Pooploop' (yeah I laugh at that every time too!) and have taken me almost 3 years to really get to grips with each section and learn how to ride them well enough to call myself adapt on them. Sure I'm certainly not the fastest over all the shorter sections where the power athlete that can accelerate hard and quickly crushes the endurance athlete, but I consider myself an endurance athlete rather than a power athlete and much prefer the longer sections.

Over the past couple of weeks I found myself feeling smooth on the bike and riding over sections without putting a foot down (which is almost impossible on this trail here)… but today I did just that. 1 foot down over the whole length of the trail and I was feeling smooth and powerful. And even though I was going 'all out' it was a hard ride that was rewarded with a KOM over the longest trail section in Richmond, VA! Very happy and certainly a segment that will surely be beaten by the local elite MTB riders as they see some Brit ex triathlete guy beat there times… but let's see.

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